Regrettably we need to limit the numbers at each of these events so in order to give yourself the best chance of securing a place we advise you to book early.

Mission Critical Intervention Teams Introduction Courses

This is a one-day introductory beginners course on Mission Critical Intervention Teams TM: a new approach to tackling your organisation's "must win" battles, fast-tracking your strategic priorities, and addressing "mission critical" issues. Generate unprecedented levels of collaboration, agility, and leverage collective knowledge-wealth. Find new innovative answers to complex messy challenges. Empower your people, generate energy, commitment, and passion, and create a step-change in your organisational ability to achieve more, faster, and with greater levels of ownership.

Work with other strategic partners in a new environment to break down and push through barriers, creating real collaboration, finding new “common ground for mutual benefit”.


Mission Critical Intervention Teams - Guide Practitioner Course

This is an intensive three day course designed for those individuals who are interested in progressing to the Guide Practitioner qualification.

Transformation Presentation - FREE EVENT

From industrial age “machine” to digital age living “organism”….agile, adaptive, innovative and networked - able to thrive in the fast-moving, connected, global operating environment of the 21st Century Digital Era.

Change - Don't just cope with change... learn to thrive on it!

All organisations are going through immense change and the impact upon individuals and teams affected by downsizing, restructuring, and OD can be significant. The impact of seemingly endless negative media coverage about the economy only seeks to increase concern and anxiety. Its never been more important for organisations to invest in change awareness and to provide their most valuable assets (their people) with the knowledge and skills to be able to understand and cope with change.

Strategic Leader’s Debate

At the start of a new decade in the 21st Century, as we face the challenge of a sustained period of fiscal restraint and uncertainty, we explore whether the corporate responses of LEAN, internal restructuring and OD are enough? These classic responses to economic downturn and recessionary pressures are understandable management interventions... they are the familiar and safe bet for managers... But, are they really enough? Will they put your organisation in a stronger position not just to weather the current fiscal storms but to eventually arrive at a brighter future?

Make your Programme or Project Board more effective & efficient!

What the manuals don’t tell you... but, what you really do need to know if your board governance is going to be efficient and truly effective! This event will share with you the top 10 practical steps you can take to ensure your Board directs, communicates, and is accountable for achieving overall SUCCESS. The current financial pressures place an increased premium on the time and resource invested in Board meetings and there has never been a better time to reflect upon how they are performing, and to test whether they are as efficient and effective as possible.