New Paradigm Ahead

Project Board Governance, Coping With Change, High Impact Intervention Teams

The following products are available for purchase either in down loadable PDF or hard copy versions:

Delivery Excellence Series – "Valuing the Citizen and Customer by exceeding their expectations; Valuing the Employee by Investing in their growth and well-being"

New Book by Dew Cadre: “A Guide to Mission Critical Intervention Teams"

"Shattering the shackles that are holding us back from accelerating into the Digital Age!”

Based on several years’ research, consultation, and a career spanning three decades of change in the public sector it redefines how we make use of our most precious of assets – our Information, Knowledge, and TALENT.


Envisioning the next chapter of public service

This book explores whether there is another way of responding to the challenges we face especially the “perfect storm” conditions in our economic climate.

Based on 18 months of research and consultation, it explores the effectiveness of our public sector response to date. Challenging whether our direction of travel, is the best journey for our national recovery and for the future of our public services. It promotes the case for decisive action, unified leadership, a sense of national unity, transition planning and radical modernisation (led by our public services) in order to: tackle the increasing level of national debt (Currently £1,162,000,000,000 and rising!); stimulate growth; and put the UK at the vanguard of economic recovery in the northern hemisphere.


High Impact Intervention Teams

Sometime organisations need to achieve immediate progress on a business critical issue. Sometime Leaders need to gain rapid access to new and novel solutions to complex problems. Sometimes managers need to overcome inertia and resistance in their teams and achieve rapid transformation and increased ownership. One solution is to deploy a multi-disciplinary impact intervention team that can project all of its “knowledge wealth and talent” on that pressing issue, problem or challenge.

Project Board Governance that really works for all involved

What the manuals don’t tell you... but, what you really must know if your board governance is going to be efficient and truly effective! This event will share with you the top 10 practical steps you can take to ensure your Board directs, communicates, and is accountable for achieving overall SUCCESS. The current financial pressures place an increased premium on the time and resource invested in Board meetings and there has never been a better time to reflect upon how they are performing, and to test whether they are as efficient and effective as possible.

How to not just cope with change but to learn to thrive on it!

All organisations are going through immense change and the impact upon individuals and teams affected by downsizing, restructuring, and OD can be significant. The impact of seemingly endless negative media coverage about the economy only seeks to increase concern and anxiety. It has never been more important for organisations to invest in change awareness and to provide their most valuable assets (their people) with the knowledge and skills to be able to understand and cope with change.

Project Recovery and Turnaround

The fiscal pressures of today mean that only those initiatives that are really going to make the biggest impact should proceed. All organisations need to target their investment wisely and be extra vigilant throughout the delivery life-cycle to ensure that their change projects are going to deliver what was expected. The reality is that things are constantly changing, not all projects are successful, and some continue despite their original aims having been affected by a range of forces. Truly mature organisations keep their delivery projects under constant review to ensure they are still strategically aligned, justified and viable. The PPM methodologies focus on managing successful delivery but what should you do if you think your project is in difficulty. This event provides practical advice on how to execute a planned and measured "pause and review" and how to ensure that you take an informed decision on whether to proceed, change course, or in some cases, stop on VFM and affordability grounds.

Outcome and benefits-based delivery

This guide will give you a practical insight into the discipline of planning and executing change (both strategic and operational) through pre-determined Outcomes and Benefits. It will de-mystify the jargon around what is a common sense, straight forward way of planning and executing change.