Mission Critical Intervention Teams

Our changing World...

As we journey further into the second decade of the new Millennium our Nation, along with other northern hemisphere countries, faces immense challenges. At the start of 2013 high on everyone’s agenda is the economic downturn. With burdensome levels of national debt, low economic growth, inevitable and painful austerity measures, increasing unemployment and the threat of rising social unrest – we face “perfect storm” economic climatic conditions for the foreseeable future.

The time is now for Mission Critical Intervention Teams for the Public Sector from John Dew on Vimeo.

If these weren’t enough to cope with, there are other forces affecting our nation’s future health and wellbeing: Globalisation; Digital Age technological advancement; Environmental issues such as energy demands and climate change; as well as major National social demographic trends including an ageing population.

Leaders are fast beginning to realise that in the Digital Age:

i. You cannot deal with these powerful forces on a single issue basis;

ii. The scale and pace of change is increasing - demanding far greater agility and deftness in terms of both strategy and action; and

iii. Old industrial era operating models are, for the majority of enterprises, increasingly becoming ineffective and are now, for many, already obsolete!

Progressive and visionary leaders are “locking on” to these “Digital Era” trends and are keen to learn lessons from those enterprises operating at the leading-edge of this new world order – leading edge digital age trend-setting enterprises such as Apple and Linux. These lessons represent essential “Critical Success Factors” in today’s fast moving Globalised operating environment. They include:

  • Developing sustainable solutions because Sustainability = Survival
  • Focusing on the big ticket issues – the “must win battles” your organisation faces
  • Accepting that the customer/citizen is in the driving seat not the managers/bosses
  • Building enterprises that are facilitative connective “networks” rather than hierarchies and organisational machines
  • Agility and Action is always better than Rigidity, Inertia, Delay & Prevarication
  • Leveraging and aggregating “collective knowledge” is always better than Relying on a few functional internal experts
  • Inclusivity and engagement is better than exclusivity
  • It is no longer about “people” management – It is all about “Talent and Knowledge” management

Building upon these new world order “critical success factors” Mission Critical Intervention Teams are a new approach designed to support leaders in identifying, targeting, and succeeding with their “must win battles”.

Mission Critical Intervention Teams (MCITs)… are “unique environments” created from within organisations in order to tackle complex Missions. They allow Leaders (Political and Executive) to more effectively:

i. Gain immediate and on-going access to real innovation;

ii. Leverage the collective talent, knowledge and wisdom within your organisation;

iii. Cut through inertia and delay – generating both traction and momentum;

iv. Overcome resistance and build support;

v. Promote increased levels of organisational maturity;

vi. Drive essential organisational Agility; and to

vii. Gain access to new and novel options that would otherwise never see the light of day.

MCITs are unique multi-disciplinary environments that bring a wide range of expertise together and allow them to work in an experimental playing field freed from the normal constraints, barriers and hurdles to innovation. They are self-governing and self-sustaining high energy/high impact environments that have a profound impact upon those involved and on the outcome of the “Mission” they have been set by their organisations.

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